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VotRite currently rents voting systems with custom-made software programs and related items for law enforcement, unions, associations, universities, and homeowners associations as well as a host of others who vote for organized membership representation, and uses the software mainly for voting.

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Security has been an important design factor influencing the overall concept of operations of the Votrite Voting Machine, its two associated software components, and the interfaces among them. 

The Advanced Electronic Voting System (AEVS) features separate components that allow the voting process to be performed in a set of discrete steps at separate locations. This division of functionalities ensures that not one person has control of more than one part of the voting process.

Each Votrite Voting Machine (VRM) is a stand-alone unit, not connected to other machines, and designed to run independently from any network. The stand-alone feature of the VRM ensures maximum security, since any attempt at hacking or other tampering with any one unit does not jeopardize the proper and secure functioning of any other VRM used during the voting cycle. 

The functionalities available through the pin pad of the  VRM’s are separated by access codes so that individuals operating the units are able to perform only the functions for which they are authorized. A similar system of restricted access to physically isolated portions of the VRM hardware components ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the discrete functional steps necessary for a complete election cycle. 

The serialization of critical parts of the Votrite Voting Machine, both hardware and software, provides a high level of accountability among the individuals entrusted to operate the machines, as well as a set of checks that the voting data collected is accurate and complete. Should any one module of the AEVS system be affected by hacking or any other form of tampering, the point of origin of the problem can be quickly traced and isolated from affecting any other parts of the system.

Additional features such as the durable, detachable ballot box, the ballot counter display, back-up batteries in case of power loss, plexiglass display window for paper ballots, and privacy coating on the touch screen ensure the security, privacy and auditability of election results.

Some of the Clients who have used the VotRite touchscreen voting systems


Stryker Bay Apartments New York City, Franklin Co-Op Apartments New York City, Village View Apartments New York City, Luna Park Apt., Brooklyn New York , South Bridge Towers, NYC, Trump Village, Brooklyn; N.Y., Greens at Half Hollow in Melville N.Y., Dayton Towers Apartments Rockaway Beach N.Y., and East Midtown Plaza, NYC, Concourse Village, Bronx, NY, Rochdale Village, Jamaica, NY


The National Polish Alliance Association election at the Hyatt Hotel, Minneapolis , Minn.

Chittagong (Bangladesh)Assoc. of No. Am., (Conn., Pa, Brooklyn, and Queens);

Bangladesh Medical Association of North America, Garden Grove, Calif.

Jack & Jill of America in Philadelphia, Pa. & Charlotte, North Carolina,

Cablevision, Brooklyn New York


First Baptist Church Newport News Virginia


Queens Community College

Long Island University Queens NY

Union County College, New Jersey


Intl. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 725 Terre Haute, Ind.

Longshoreman’s Local 1526, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Longshoreman’s Local 1233 , Newark, NJ

NYS Fraternal Order of Police NYC Javits Center

Laborers Local 3 Elizabeth, New Jersey

United Auto Workers Local 1005 Cleveland, Ohio

Local 2220 Clinton, New Jersey

AFGE Local 933 Detroit, Mich.

I. L. A. Local 1414 Savannah, Georgia

I.U.E. CWA Local 81002 (Steinway Pianos)

*Note: VotRite has distributors also servicing these type of clients nationwide with VotRite equipment


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